Start Ups

Start Ups

Forecast Flow provides start up companies with the financial expertise of a Finance Manager (Financial Controller), which larger companies take for granted.

Start up companies do not have the resources nor the need to employ a finance professional full time, but they still need the same level of attention, care and expertise larger companies would expect to have on a continuing basis.


The role of the Finance Manager (Financial Controller) is to:

  • Run the complete finance function of your company (sometimes with the help of a bookkeeper, depending on the level of transactions).
  • Understand your company from both a financial and commercial point of view, in order to provide relevant financial information.
  • Ensure all reporting (including statutory) requirements are met.

Forecast Flow covers all the tasks which need to be completed within your company finance department. These include:

  • Annual budgets and three year plans
  • Quarterly forecasts
  • Management accounts
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Implementation of accounting systems (both in the cloud and at clients’ premises)
  • Review of financial systems and controls

Additional services include:

  • R&D tax credit calculations
  • SEIS/EIS reporting
  • VAT returns
  • Payroll
  • Help with preparing the books of your company for the year end and drafting statutory accounts

The services provided by Forecast Flow to your company are designed to ensure the company management team receive the information they need to run the company, which then:

  • Allows the CEO / Managing Director to concentrate on running the company rather than being side tracked into producing financial information, which can be both costly and time consuming.
  • Ensures the financial systems, controls and reporting are implemented and/or improved so the finance function runs efficiently and transactions are processed and reports produced in a timely manner.
  • Results in management having relevant and reliable financial information, so they can make proactive business decisions and can plan for the future.

Many start ups ignore the finance function of the company, as they feel there are other areas within the company which need to be acted on as a priority. As a result of this, companies can spend a lot of money, time and effort trying to rectify the finance function of their company retrospectively, if the correct systems have not been put in place from day one.

The aim of Forecast Flow is to try to ensure this does not happen, therefore:

  • If you dislike completing or find you are spending too much time on financial tasks.
  • You do not understand or are not obtaining the financial reports you need to run your company.
  • You want to grow your company and your current accounting system does not meet your needs.

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