Why does my business need a cash flow forecast?

The last few blog entries have shown you what needs to be included in a rolling three month cash flow forecast. As mentioned previously the cash flow forecast will show you if you have a cash shortfall or cash surplus over the next three months and I have described some of the short term measures […]

How can a cash flow forecast help your business?

Having entered all the known and expected receipts onto our cash flow forecast and all the known and expected payments you now have an overall picture of what the cash position is for the next 13 weeks for your business. You can see where there are likely to be cash shortfalls and surpluses. With this […]

Cash Flow Forecasts and Payments

I mentioned previously that your weekly cash flow forecast should include all your sales/receivables from your customers and therefore to complete the picture you must include all your payments. There will be more categories of payments and the format you choose depends on how much detail you want to show in your cash flow forecast. […]

Cash Flow Forecasts and Receivables

All companies need a weekly cash flow forecast which shows all the forecasted receipts and payments of the business for the coming 13 weeks / 3 months to show whether there will be a cash shortfall or surplus over that period. Every cash flow forecast must include all your sales invoices from your sales/receivables ledger […]

Five Accounting Pitfalls for Small Companies

I was recently asked by David Jenkins of i2i-management.com who helps small companies do well to write an article for his blog http://thisisi2i.wordpress.com/about the problems small companies encounter when starting up. This article also appears on http://www.camtechnet.info/resources/. Have a look at David’s blog and Camtechnet as there are lots of interesting items on there and […]

Welcome to the Forecast Flow Blog

The Forecast Flow Blog is for start ups and SMEs who want to take control of their financial future by understanding what financial systems, controls and reporting their businesses need to succeed. Future posts will explain what cash flow forecasts, budgets, forecasts and management accounts are and why businesses need them. In the meantime if […]